Branding and Promotional Material Now Complete

With our website and app functionality well on its way, we’ve been taking some time to work on the look and feel of the TrackerTags branding and promotional material.

As we are creating a smart pet tag that’s circular in shape, we used this as the basis for our logo as it would need to look good on the tag!

Working around a compass theme – as we help people find your pet and your pet find its way home – we worked on many different visuals before settling on the compass-themed icon you see on our branding now.

I wanted to point out it was derived from a compass as it does make sense and we put a lot of thought into that….

Regarding colour schemes, we looked at lots from dark to light, before finalising our corporate looking scheme. We knew it had to work well on a white background as the website would be white and the smart pet tag would be white to make the QR code stand out and easiest to scan.

So there we go, branding and promotional material is now completed, ready to adorn our tags, boxes, website, app and marketing materials.