New TrackerTags Android App Available on Google Play

The all new v3.2 TrackerTags mobile app has launched on Google Play.

Our new version of our Android App features a new improved QR scanner used for scanning the codes on the reverse of our TrackerTags.

The mobile phones light is now usabled with the scanner allowing quicker and easier focusing and scanning of the QR code.

From the app you can quickly and easily login (and remain logged in) to your account, which shows your pets listed, so you can with 2 clicks report your pet missing and alerts sent out to any users with the mobile app within 5 miles of your location.

With the app open you can see how many missing pets are within the local area by the counter in the top of the screen and on the missing page see the pets photos and links to their missing pet adverts which show the owners contact details.

Our IOS version of the TrackerTags app is being reviewed at the moment and should be available shortly.

You can download our FREE mobile app for your android phone here:

Get our FREE TrackerTags app on Google Play