TrackerTags Mobile App is Now in Beta Testing

Making a mobile app has turned out to be both one of the most fun and frustrating parts of TrackerTags.

We want to squeeze in as much functionality and features as possible for you, but without making it a cluttered, unfriendly app.

There’s two core intentions we had when we setup TrackerTags:

  1. Get lost pets found as quickly as possible
  2. Get lost pets and owners reunited as quickly as possible

So our mobile app has an easy to report your pet missing section (you just select “report missing” by your pet’s photo) and our mobile app will automatically locate you, report your pet missing and notify all other users within 5 miles.

In addition, you can also see all missing pets within a 5 mile radius of your location, and if you are on the move, the list will update as you travel giving you the local missing pets wherever you go.

We can’t wait to launch our mobile app and website, our app will be available for free on Android and iOS and we’re looking at adding Windows phones to the list as well.