Automatic geo-location of your position

Here we come to the third keystone of the TrackTags service. Geo-location is the automated method of locating an individual anywhere in the world using their smartphone and satellite technology. This GPS method of geo-location can be accurate to within a few inches.

TrackerTags use geo-location to help you quickly report the location of where you lost your pet. Just select the pet in your user area or on our mobile app and when you click 'report missing' we will instantly geo-locate your position and indicate it on a map. If required, you can correct the lost pet location, for example if you have lost your pet and returned home or otherwise moved before reporting your pet as missing. Geo-location is again used to find any TrackerTags mobile app users within five miles of you and alert them with a photo of your missing pet and the location in which you lost your pet. Additionally, anyone who later comes into this five-mile zone will also be informed of your missing pet.

When your pet is found, we geo-locate the finder and they can send you their exact location on an interactive map, allowing you to re-unite with your beloved pet as quickly as possible.

TrackerTags Geo Location