Display only details you want

When you set-up your TrackerTags account, you can list as many email addresses, land-line and mobile phone numbers as you need to. Those details are shown to a finder of your pet, so the more you add, the more options a finder of your pet has to get in contact with you. Those details are only shown publicly if you share a 'lost pet' advert page.

Additionally, we have introduced a 'privacy' function to every TrackerTags account, which allows you to designate certain mobile numbers and/or email addresses as 'private'. This means that they will be displayed to someone finding your pet, but not shown publicly on one of our system-generated 'lost pet' advert pages.

As an example of how this could be used, you may not be able to answer a mobile call on your personal phone or be able to check your personal email whilst at work, but you could add a work number or work email as a private contact detail, in the knowledge that this will only be displayed to a finder and keeping them hidden from anyone viewing your 'lost pet' advert.

On a related matter, we will never sell or pass on your details to a third party - we hate that being done to us, so we won't do it to you. Not now, not ever. We'd like to email you occasional bulletins with news about updates to the TrackerTags service, but we produce those ourselves - no external agencies involved.

TrackerTags Private Details