Pet tags with QR codes

TrackerTags are a Smart Pet Tag. We use QR code technology, coupled with our interactive website and mobile app, to allow anyone with a smartphone to scan your TrackerTag or enter the unique code and PIN to quickly get in contact with you if they find your lost pet.

If the finder isn't using a smartphone, they can still get your details by manually entering them into our website.

Smartphone users can be instantly geo-located within a few inches, sending you their exact location and getting you reunited with your pet as quickly and stress-free as possible.

At TrackerTags we are constantly evaluating new technologies and ways to improve our pet tags, to find the best way of reuniting owners and lost pets. For instance, before settling on a QR code and PIN combination, we experimented with NFC and RFID technologies but found that our testers didn't really understand how to use the technology or that it offered no additional benefit.

However, we are not ruling this out in the future, so watch this space ...

TrackerTags Smart Pet Tag System