Setup your regular locations

Stored locations work hand-in-hand with our geo-location service. This enables you to store locations you visit frequently so they are instantly to hand if you should lose your pet - you simply select the location from a list of your stored frequent locations. 

A couple of ways in which this can help:

  • if you regularly exercise your pet in a local park, store the park as a frequent location
  • very rarely, weather conditions can interfere with geo-location - this won't be an issue if you're at one of your frequent locations

You can add and update your locations whenever you need to via our mobile app - this is particularly useful when, for instance, you go on holiday. Save where you are staying, then if your pet becomes confused or stressed being in a new location and gets lost, you have that information straight to hand to send out to other TrackerTags users.

TrackerTags Store Regular Locations