Getting your TrackerTag live

Activating your new TrackerTag is quite straightforward.

Firstly make sure you have already added your pets (you'll see why in the next couple of steps).

Login to your user area and you now have a choice of either "Scan the QR code" on the tag or you can click on "Add New TrackerTag" - enter the Tag ID (that's the long number) and the 4 digit PIN number.

Finally, select the name of the pet you wish to link this TrackerTag to from the drop-down menu. If you have more than one TrackerTag registered to your account, you can change which TrackerTag is assigned to which pet at any time. If your pet has different collars for different occasions, you can even have more than one TrackerTag assigned to a pet!

The final option you have on the TrackerTag page is to transfer a tag. With this option you can transfer any activated tag to another TrackerTag user, for example if you decided to give a TrackerTag you were using to a friend. Beforehand, they'll need to create a TrackerTags account and let you know their Account Number (shown top right of user area) and the email address they used to register their TrackerTags account.

Once you start the transfer process, the other user will have 48 hours to accept the transfer in their user area via a confirmation button. If the transfer is unaccepted after 48 hours, it will expire and will have to be re-attempted.

TrackerTags Admin Area - Adding a New TrackerTag