Creating your TrackerTags account

Creating an account at TrackerTags is extremely simple and the first step toward adding that extra level of protection for your beloved pets. Firstly visit the login/registration page (click here to open)

Look for "New to site? - Create Account" and click on the Create Account link. You now have just five fields to fill in to create your TrackerTags account, fill in the boxes as follows:

  1. First name - please enter your first name (used to personalise the site to you)
  2. Last name - please enter your last name (again just used to personalise the site to you)
  3. Email address - please enter your email address, this is also used as your username to login, please check you entered it correctly
  4. Password - enter a password you will remember, preferably about 8 characters in length containing letters and numbers
  5. Confirm password - re-enter the password you previously entered to confirm that it was typed in correctly

Click on the "Register" button and if all is filled in correctly, you will be taken to the main page of your new TrackerTags account. If any fields are incorrect or invalid, an error message will indicate where you need to make changes before you can re-submit it.

TrackerTags Admin Area - Create a New Account