Save regular places you visit

Setting up locations that you frequently visit can help you to quickly report your pet missing if the worst should happen and they run off.

Under "Account Details", select "Your location" and then "Add new location" to setup a new entry.

Give this location a title you'll remember, like "Summer Park" for example. It doesn't necessarily need to be the actual or official name of the location - think of it as a nickname you'll recognise.

Then enter a place, postcode/zip code and click on "Find location". The map will then change to show you what you searched for. Mobile users can also add their current location super-quickly, using the "Click to get your current position" button to geo-locate their current whereabouts.

On the map you can click and drag the entire map to move it around; to alter the red pin position (your location), simply click on just the pin and while holding down the mouse button, drag it to where you want it to go and release it.

Once you are happy with the location, click on "Add New Location" to save it.

You are then returned to your locations page, here you can also click on "set current location" to set the default location for you.

Editing a location is just as simple, and follows the same process described above.

You can add as many locations as you need to cover all the regular places you take your pets.

TrackerTags Admin Area - Your Saved Locations