Adding your pets details

Setting up your pets on TrackerTags is possibly the hardest part, but it's still really straightforward and simple.

Once logged into your account, click on "Pets" in the top menu navigation.

Here you are presented with an overview of all your pets - once added they will be listed at the top of the page, but for now we need to add a new pet, so click on the button at the bottom of the page "Add Protection to your Pets".

Complete as many fields as are applicable to your pet - you can always edit them at any time.

You can add up to five photographs of your pet. To upload an image:

Click on the upload icon (up arrow in top right), select the image on your computer and it will upload. You can then use the + and - icons to zoom the image in and out and the rotate icons to get the image displayed just how you want it. To save the image, click on the disk icon (green disk next to the red cross).

Name - enter your pet's name

Show Name - if you tick this box, your pets name will be displayed on missing adverts and to mobile app users, this is entirely up to you whether you wish to display it

Pet Type - select the type of pet you are adding; if your pet type is not listed, select "Other Pet" and send us a contact message and we will add the option for you for future use

Gender - select whether your pet is male or female

Date of birth - click on the input to use the date picker to select your pet's date of birth. If you do not know the exact date, just select as close as you know, use month and year to quickly get to the month you need then click on the day to enter it, choose 1st of month if you are unsure of exact day

Breed - enter the breed of your pet

Colour - enter the predominant colour of your pet

Chip ID - if your pet has been microchipped (as is law for dog owners), please enter that number here

Description - enter any other details that best describe your pet, for instance any unusual markings or things that would help to recognise your pet

Click on "Save details" and your pet is saved into the TrackerTags system.

From your "Pets" page you can then update these details at any time or update photos, should your pet ever look dramatically different to the ones stored on its profile

TrackerTags Admin Area - Setting Up Your Pets