Transfer a TrackerTag To Someone Else

 Moving a TrackerTag from your account to another account is easy.

To move a TrackerTag to another user is very straight forward.

Firstly ask the person to setup an account with us that you are wanting to transfer the TrackerTag to.

Then ask them for an email address they have setup to receive alerts on and their account number (this is found top right of your logged in user account).

Once you have that information, go to your TrackerTags page, and click on transfer for the relevant tag.

In the window enter the email and account number, we will then check they are valid and send an email to the user asking them to login and accept the transfer (shown on the home page of the user area).

Transfers need to be completed within 48 houts, after this time the transfer will need to be done again, you can cancel a transfer at any time.

Transferring a TrackerTag is completely free, we have no subscriptions or renewal fees.


TrackerTags Admin Area - Transfer a TrackerTag