Twin Pack (2 tags)

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Code: tt30-2

Ideal for most homes, our twin pack contains 2 of our TrackerTags, giving you a saving on purchasing and 2 Smart Pet Tags to help protect your pets. Ideal for a 2 pet family or those who like to change collars or leads and want to fix the tags on all the time.

No subscriptions required

TrackerTags are subscription FREE, no renewals and always fully featured. SMS and email alerts when your pet is found, alert out network of mobile app users within 5 miles of where you lost your pet, secure messaging, automatic geo-location, free mobile app, all updates and more all included in your Smart Pet Tag purchase forever.

What's Included:

  • 2 x TrackerTags Smart Pet Tags
  • Subscription and renewal free forever!
  • Lifetime pet profile on the TrackerTags website
  • Lifetime unlimited updates and changes to pet profile
  • Lifetime ability to report pet missing
  • Lifetime lookup of owner details via codes on the TrackerTags Pet Tag
  • Lifetime missing notification to TrackerTags mobile app users
  • Lifetime FREE mobile app and TrackerTags system usage
  • Lifetime FREE TrackerTags support & assistance
  • Lifetime geo-location of where your pet is found*
  • Lifetime SMS and email alerts when your pet is found*
  • Lifetime secure messaging from a pet finder
  • Free support and assistance
  • All system and app updates free forever

Product Information:

FixingKey Ring
Tags in Pack2 Smart Pet Tags

What is a TrackerTag

TrackerTags are a Smart Pet Tag. Used to protect Dogs, Cats, Horses and other pets with a collar or means of attaching the TrackerTag to.

You can easily report your pet missing using our Mobile App or website, showing the location you lost your pet (automatically geo located using mobiles), we then alert all TrackerTag Mobile App users with a 5 mile radius with details to help in the search.

Using a QR code and pin anyone who finds your pet can quickly look up your details to get in touch.

Anyone finding a lost pet can also send their location and a message to the owner securely using TrackerTags.