What are TrackerTags

TrackerTags are an advanced pet tag system, suitable for any pet with a collar or harness.

Imagine the worst case scenario, you are out and about with your beloved pet when they suddenly go running off out of sight.

What do you do? You call out, but they don't come back.

We'll you could go home, create a missing poster, print off copies and then go and hand them out around the street.

OR with TrackerTags: You can open our FREE phone app, click three buttons and instantly report your pet missing to all of our app users within a 5 mile radius of your location.

When someone finds your missing pet, they can easily scan the QR code or enter the unique code in our website and get your missing pet advert, your full contact details and send you a map of their exact location and secure message to help reunite you with your beloved pet.

TrackerTags bring pet tags into the 20th Century and helping reunite lost pets and owners.

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