Who are TrackerTags

It's no exaggeration to say that for us, our cats and dogs are more than just pets - they are additional members of the family. 

It's that deep-seated connection that led us to come up with the TrackerTags concept - losing one of our extended family members is something we haven't experienced and hope we never do.

Unfortunately, there are many owners that aren't so lucky and we saw a way to help.

The sheer scale and reach of the internet and the close-knit communities fostered by social media, allied to the power and geo-locating capabilities of modern smartphones, seemed to us to be an ideal resource to tap into.

We will also be giving something back - every year, we plan to give a percentage of our profits to a chosen pet-related charity. This year, we're pleased to announce our chosen charity is Dog's Trust - a group very close to one of the director's hearts and we urge you to support them wherever possible.

However in future years, we'd like to hear suggestions from you, our TrackerTags users, for our annual beneficiary.

TrackerTags About Us