How does it all work

TrackerTags are a Smart Pet Tag, which can be used to help locate lost dogs, cats or any other collared animal, but also any animal you can attach a TrackerTag to, such as a horse's saddle or reins.

As dog owners ourselves, we sincerely hope you'll never have to, but if your pet has a TrackerTag, you can easily report them missing using our mobile app (which will show the location you lost your pet, geo-located using your iOS or Android phone) or website.

We then alert all TrackerTag mobile app users with a five-mile radius with the details from your pet's profile on the TrackerTags website to help in the search.

Anyone who finds your pet just needs to scan the QR code on the reverse of the tag using our mobile app and enter the 4-digit PIN shown above the QR code.

They can then quickly look up your details to get in touch via email and SMS, which includes sending you their location.

How TrackerTags Works